ASP.NET MVC, WEBAPI, SQL, Unit Test and EF on Azure

This is a sample project that contains the following:

  • ASP.NET MVC (4.6)
  • SQL (SQL SERVER 2014)

All is deployed on Azure here:

This is a project I use as kind of a template for other projects that use similar technologies and frameworks. I’ve also used it to demonstrate how these different components in Visual Studio could be setup in a single solution. Though the source is in Github, I publish this through Team Services and have a Continuous Integration process setup to automatically deploy into Azure. This publishes the MVC/WEBAPI to an app service (IIS), then using DACPAC it also deploys the database to an SQL Server on Azure.

The source repository can be found here:

More information about how DACPAC works and examples of deploying the Azure are listed below.