Using Visual Studio 2015 with Webpack for Angular 2 Development

Introduction With the release of Angular 2 and ASP.NET Core in 2016, the two technologies have become a common pair for .Net web developers. The .NET Core’s platform agnostic ability has made it more appealing even for the non .Net developers. Moreover, Microsoft has been pushing hard to reach this outside market and introduced Visual […]

Reactive Programming using RxJS

Reactive Programming Paradigm Asynchronous programming Works with Functional Programming ReactiveX works with many languages JS .Net Java   More information:   Mission Statement ReactiveX observable model allows you to treat streams of asynchronous events with the same sort simple, composable operations that you use for collections of data items like arrays. It frees you […]

Introduction to ASP.NET Core

ASP NET Core Released June 2016 Build on .Net core Cross Platform Not tied to .Net framework Unification of MVC and Web API Dependency Injection is core feature (no third party) Modular HTTP Request pipeline Based on NuGet � everything is package Cloud ready IIS or self-host Open Source Problems with ASP NET MVC Dependency […]

DevOps integration with Team Foundation Server

DevOps Dev + Ops = Delivery and support of software Dev and Ops work closely together Use of automation Build Test Deploy MonitoringInfrastructure (like use of containers / docker)Frequent ReleasesQuick testing Creates predictability and consistency (a delivery every 30 days) Define what DONE means Works in smaller chunks prioritizes the backlog   TFS and Team […]

Database Access from IIS Best Practices

This document reviews techniques and best practices in securing connections between a web application server and database system. This document focuses on .Net based web applications running on IIS and connecting to a MS SQL Server database. It assumes the web application is accessible to an intranet or internet. This document references IIS7.5+, Windows Server […]