Code Management using Branches

Managing Hot Fixes and Code Quality Branches and Code Reviews

TFVC vs Git

Branching by feature is nice, and Git supports branching very easily. But note that each branch requires integration (merge). So having more branches mean there are potentially more merges.

Some issues when doing too much branches.

One good scenario for branching is during Code Reviews. Helps improve code quality and the final delivered product. In TFVC this is called Code Review but in Git its called a Pull Request. A Pull changes a branch from another branch.

Git Pull Requests and Tags

A Pull Request in Git requests information about the request. It also allows selection for Reviewers, which can be specific person or a group.

The reviewer can do the review through the browsers and add notes. The reviewer my Reject the pull request with notes on what the problems are.

Branch Policies

Branch policies can have more instructions on some automation such as when a Pull Request is submitted, to automatically build the branch and include a work item linked to it.

Hot Fix using Tags

Quick fix releases using tags. Can use a separate release branch but Tags are more appropriate.