Overview of AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs code without the developer having to manage the infrastructure which it runs on. The compute resources are automatically managed by AWS. The code is triggered to execute based on events, in other words the code runs on demand. AWS charges only for code execution time.   Evolution […]

Overview of AWS DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service provided by AWS. Refer to my other post about NoSQL databases here: http://solidfish.com/relational-vs-non-relational-databases/ Some of the benefits of DynamoDB databases are: massively scalable low latency – can do very fast read and writes low execution load availability Some quick notes on Relational vs Non-relational databases SQL DB use vertical […]

Overview of AWS API Gateway

AWS API Gateway is a managed service provided by AWS. The service manages the API endpoints. Some of the benefits it provides: auto management of servers security scaling monitoring speed versioning API Gateway requires HTTPS. The gateway is dependent on the region, such that whatever lambda or backend connected to the gateway is in the […]

AWS Cloud Services

Review of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Material taken from AWS Associate Certification Exam (v.2012) Compute (Elastic Computer Cloud / EC2) Amazone Machine Image EC2 Instance Store Volumes Elastic Batch Store (EBS) Databases on EC2 Auto Scaling Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Networking Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Security Groups Network Access Control Lists (ACL) Elastic Network […]