DevOps integration with Team Foundation Server

DevOps Dev + Ops = Delivery and support of software Dev and Ops work closely together Use of automation Build Test Deploy MonitoringInfrastructure (like use of containers / docker)Frequent ReleasesQuick testing Creates predictability and consistency (a delivery every 30 days) Define what DONE means Works in smaller chunks prioritizes the backlog   TFS and Team […]

UI / UX Design Fundamentals

Notes taken during CodeSchool course: Fundamentals of Design All pictures are property of CodeSchool Typography Some fonts are just horrible. Invest in researching which fonts match your content and audience. Content should be both verbal and visual, depending on what needs to be presented. Typefaces Humanist Serif = good for journalistic content Sans Serif does […]

JavaScript Best Practices

Ternary Conditionals var x = true ? true : false;   Nested Ternaries isArthur && isKing ? (weapon = ‘a, helment = ‘a) : isArcher ? (weapon = ‘b’, helmet = ‘b’) : (weapon = ‘c’, helmet = ‘c’);   Logical Assignments Var result = 42 || undefined; // 42 Var result2 = [‘sweet’] || […]

Unit Testing with Dependency Injection

Unit Test One of the most commonly skipped or minimally managed areas of application development is unit testing. It is often seen as overhead, even unnecessary, and given very little or no attention. On some projects where requirements are often changing rapidly, the developer can get frustrated trying to keep up with the changes and […]