Introduction to ASP.NET Core

ASP NET Core Released June 2016 Build on .Net core Cross Platform Not tied to .Net framework Unification of MVC and Web API Dependency Injection is core feature (no third party) Modular HTTP Request pipeline Based on NuGet � everything is package Cloud ready IIS or self-host Open Source Problems with ASP NET MVC Dependency […]

Introduction to AngularJS

This is Angular Version 1 Introduction course to AngularJS (v1) from MVA.   @section scripts{       <script src=”~/Scripts/angular.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Scripts/angular-route.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Scripts/angular-resource.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Scripts/angular-animate.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Client/Scripts/AtTheMovies.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Client/Scripts/MovieService.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Client/Scripts/ListController.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Client/Scripts/DetailsController.js”></script>    <script src=”~/Client/Scripts/EditController.js”></script> } <h1>At the movies</h1> <div data-ng-app>    {{true ? “true” : “false”}} </div> Module = is an abstraction that allows you to […]

Entity Framework 6

These are my notes while reviewing the latest release of Entity Framework EF6       Migrations = creates or updates database automatically as models in the application change. This lets developers focus on the application models and not worry about the database.   EF SaveChanges() This does the actual SQL command execution. It is […]

Unit Testing with Dependency Injection

Unit Test One of the most commonly skipped or minimally managed areas of application development is unit testing. It is often seen as overhead, even unnecessary, and given very little or no attention. On some projects where requirements are often changing rapidly, the developer can get frustrated trying to keep up with the changes and […]