ASP.NET MVC, WEBAPI, SQL, Unit Test and EF on Azure

This is a sample project that contains the following: ASP.NET MVC (4.6) ASP.NET WEBAPI SQL (SQL SERVER 2014) ENTITY FRAMEWORK (5) UNIT TESTS All is deployed on Azure here: This is a project I use as kind of a template for other projects that use similar technologies and frameworks. I’ve also used it to […]

Entity Framework 6

These are my notes while reviewing the latest release of Entity Framework EF6       Migrations = creates or updates database automatically as models in the application change. This lets developers focus on the application models and not worry about the database.   EF SaveChanges() This does the actual SQL command execution. It is […]

SQL Server Account Types and Security

A quick reference to SQL Server Account Types and System Security   Ports Clients connect to SQL Server through UDP 1434 SQL server responds with a TCP Port number to continue their connection Default TCP port is 1433     Server and System Security SQL Service runs under a service account, can be: Windows account […]