Managing and Deploying SQL Database Code

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Does database comparisons, deployments, automation In Visual Studio SQL Server Project Being in Visual Studio � can do smart refactoring. It propagates all the changes (like a rename) to all associated files. Schema Compare and Updates Changes made on the SQL server can be brought back into Visual Studio through […]

ASP.NET MVC, WEBAPI, SQL, Unit Test and EF on Azure

This is a sample project that contains the following: ASP.NET MVC (4.6) ASP.NET WEBAPI SQL (SQL SERVER 2014) ENTITY FRAMEWORK (5) UNIT TESTS All is deployed on Azure here: This is a project I use as kind of a template for other projects that use similar technologies and frameworks. I’ve also used it to […]

SQL Server Account Types and Security

A quick reference to SQL Server Account Types and System Security   Ports Clients connect to SQL Server through UDP 1434 SQL server responds with a TCP Port number to continue their connection Default TCP port is 1433     Server and System Security SQL Service runs under a service account, can be: Windows account […]

Relational vs Non-Relational Databases

History   Relational theory Tuples = unordered set of attribute values (row and attribute of column in a table) Relation = collection of tuples and corresponding relations Constraints = enforce consistency; used to identify tuples and relationships between them Operations = joins, projectsions, unions, etc; generally based on the relations   Transaction model Changes on […]